iPod nano USB battery charger

No questions about this, Apple designs are remarkable. Their products look great, are easy to use, and generally work great. The price? Yes, the price is high, but not prohibitively high.

What makes me angry is how they try to monetize even on small details, sometimes by bending the standards.

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Mac OS X: How to see hidden files in Open and Save dialogs?

Most of the time, hiding the system or configuration files is ok, it reduces the clutter and also the risk of inadvertently removing/changing them.

However, there are moments when we need to change, for example, the PATH, or some shell aliases, or some startup configurations. In other words, we need to edit such hidden files.

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Apple Wireless Keyboard Battery Life?

Stories about short battery life of the Apple Wireless Keyboard were present for some time, and Apple provided a firmware upgrade that apparently fixed the problem.
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Mac OS X: How to backup the Mac OS X Install DVD?

ToastI recently decided to make some Mac OS X installation tests, and, to avoid destroying the original Apple Install DVDs, I thought it would be great to first make some backups of the disks.

And so I discovered the intricacies of the Apple hybrid disks…

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Mac OS X – Tips & Tricks

MacLogoI added a static page where I plan to collect Mac OS X Tips & Tricks. It is also accessible via the Knowledge base global menu.

If you encounter something interesting, please let me know and I’ll add it to the list.

Adding a Logitech webcam to my Mac

Since my experience with Macs is improving steadily, I decided to go further and migrate my Skype account from Windows to my Mac Mini.

For this I needed a good microphone and eventually a Web camera. After a short research, I ordered the Logitech QuickCam Vision Pro for Mac.

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Apple Bug Reporter – Miracles Do Happen!

Apple DeveloperIn the past I hopelessly tried to submit bugs and feature requests to Apple, using various available methods, like the iTunes Provide Feedback menu, or Apple – Mac OS X – Feedback, or posting on various forums. Needless to say, I never ever received a reaction.

So imagine my surprise this evening after receiving an email from Apple, related to a bug report that I filled in… yesterday! So miracles do happen! And it was not even a catastrophic bug, but one that I assigned myself the lowest priority (the Dictionary.app bug fails to display Wikipedia entries).
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Apple Romanian keyboard layout for Windows running on Mac

I recently evaluated the status of Romanian language support on various platforms and I decided that now it is reasonable to start using Romanian extensively, including on Web pages, eMail, etc.

There are still compatibility problems with some old devices (like mobile phones), or some XP fonts (that do not look great), but on modern platforms like Windows 7 and Mac OS X, the problems were already solved.
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The Apple record and the end of an era

The recent Apple record of dethroning Microsoft in terms of market capitalisation, besides important financial aspects, also has an exceptional symbolic value: it can be considered the official end of an era: the end of the PC era.
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