Crockford on JavaScript, Scene 6

Douglas on Server-Side JavaScript and YUI 3To my nice surprise, Douglas Crockford continued his series of successful presentations with the sixth part, “Loopage”.

Once again, Crockford started with some history, chaining events from Grace Hopper’s first compiler to modern events based programming, marking the potential of JavaScript to reshape today’s Web by bridging client side with server side programming.


[For the first 5 parts, please see my previous post. The complete and up-to-date page regarding Crockford’s presentatios is Crockford on JavaScript]

Crockford on JavaScript

CrockfordThings are turning upside down! I never though I’ll ever spend one more minute on JavaScript, and now… I don’t know. I just completed the 5 sessions lecture of Douglas Crockford on JavaScript, Crockford on JavaScript, and I’m quite intrigued by what I found out.

10 years ago Douglas met JavaScript with the same disregard and distaste as most of us did. Now he is Yahoo!’s JavaScript architect and a member of the ECMA committee designing future versions of the world’s most popular programming language.
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